About Aqua Silver

Estabiled 1993 in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan based Aqua Silver specializes in the design and marketing of Jewelry, emphasizing Silver Jewelry, combination of various metals, semi-precious stones and leather. Our Jewelry appeals to a range of customers of different ages and styles.

Aqua Silver has 20 Jewelry shops in Japan and our designs may be found in additional shops throughout Japan. We also make our Jewelry available to select international clients.

Our designers are top-notch graduates of design schools in Japan and Australia. We put great emphasis on the quality of out products, and each adheres to strict quality assurance. 

A little background

How Aqua Silver was born

Aqua Silver specializes in accessories both for males and females, as well as matching accessories for couples. We pride ourselves on our innovative designs, sense of luxury, and unisex designs. 

Founded in 1993, Aqua Silver is located in Shibuya with the flagship store located in Harajuku’s famous Cat Street. The wide array of diverse characters and styles among the Japanese people and those visiting abroad in these areas is in constant flux and synchronizes with the designs at Aqua Silver. 

Both locations are home to original Japanese & international leading fashion brands, making these areas a hotbed for new trends and inspirations. Aqua Silver continues to receive much attention from Japanese celebrities looking for designs at the forefront of trends. 

The entire process from designing to creating products is done from the head office of Shibuya, Japan. Lead Designer, Yasu, is constantly inspired by the streets of Shibuya and designs to capture the diverse personalities, lifestyles, and fashion trends that ebb and flow like water in the city of Shibuya. Japanese craftsmen create prototypes in the Shibuya atelier with production occurring in our own factories in Thailand and Japan. 

Aqua Silver creates original designs and high quality products using sophisticated technology. Famed for the 6 pence coin of happiness, Arabesque, and Gradation (aquarelle), the accessories at Aquasilver are made of the highest quality silver with some pieces made of stainless steel, 10k gold, and platinum.